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So, I'm in the running for the National Council of Teachers of English's Achievement Award.

Pardon me while I defecate ALL OVER MYSELF.

I'm one of the two people in my school who are being asked to write for this. And, no, after speaking to three English teachers and my guidence councilor, I'm not totally sure what it is, other than a huge honour. Everyone assures me it's a big deal with isn't helping my normal panic.

I'll have to submit my best piece of creative writing (I'm in a tizzy because everything I write BLOWS, and they will laugh at my submission), and and write a supervised essay in a two-hour period.


Why, God, why did they tell me now? I'll be giggling to myself and resting on my laurels in Romantisism (this class scares the bejesus out of me, by the way. I don't recall reading anything about art and music when I signed up. I'm so sure I am going to do poorly), and crapping myself editing until April rolls around.


Poor self-esteem? Me?

As it happens, though, the other girl is the vice-president of the GSA. Which is fun, because at least it's not someone I hate, or someone I know to be six million times better than me (not to disparage Michela's skill: I don't know her writing).

Oh, but I got to do some editing of a DeadJournal page, and everyone seemed to like what I wrote for it. I love this be fine. I shall be fine. (And, oh goodness, I typed "will" and freaked out at the gramatical incorrectness of that.)
(But let "incorrectness" stand.)

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Date:January 30th, 2004 03:45 am (UTC)
everything I write BLOWS

This is a lie.
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